“A masterful plan ensnared a complacent populace with devastating consequences. A compelling adventure not far from art imitating life.” Suzanne Sherman, Cerberus Radio Network



“Wow! Mark Graham weaves a masterful, compelling, wickedly clever read … I couldn’t put it down. It makes one think, has this really happened?”

Jim Waurishuk, Colonel, USAF (Ret.) Strategic & Special Mission Intelligence Officer



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What if the Cuban Missile Crisis

was all a hoax -- a masterful misdirection?



On August 3rd, 2020 the U.S. Dollar will collapse and the final component to Nikita Khrushchev's 60 year master plan, known as D6, will begin to unfold.


Destroy America from within will be successful beyond the Russians' wildest dreams.




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We will destroy you from within

Thrilling, Chilling, Fulfilling!


Put your seat belts on with this bone chilling political thriller. Mark Graham cleverly challenges what was once a preposterous, absurd and inconceivable idea or threat - that America could or would be destroyed from within - and makes it plausible, believable and convincing that’s its not only possible, but probable. He combines fiction with non fiction, evil doings and thoughts with humor, and with love and hate of country while introducing a cast of interesting characters. Warning - he keeps you wanting more. You'll have more questions than answers after this terrific read!



I couldn't put this book down! The author puts significant effort explaining how and why America was ultimately defeated, and anyone taking the time to compare the story to real life will see this book as a wake up call. Even if you don't, you will be highly entertained. Well worth the time to read, and this would make a fantastic movie, tv show, etc.


Should make a great movie


A great political thriller for the modern ages. A great read, quick and very descriptive. It's great to read a great author again in this genre. Told my wife I can't wait to see this one as a movie.


WARNING: A real page-turner!!!


If you enjoy Tom Clancy novels, this is a must read. I read the entire book in a weekend. The author is masterful in weaving a tale that seems so relevant to current events, you may find yourself forgetting this is fiction. Even if you think this book isn't in your usual genre, I urge you to branch out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm hooked and can't wait for Mark Graham's book 2 and, hopefully, more!


Best read for 2018


One of those books that you just can't put it down. You are also very sad when it is over. You will be craving for the next book. The plot and twists are not predictable so forget what you think is going to happen, it won't. You are on a run away train and you feel like you are living through it. Amazing book and a must read! I need the next book!

Hard to put down kind of read.


Mark Graham weaves a riveting plot that is full of well developed characters and suspense. The book is an easy fast read that definitely leaves you wanting to start the next. In this day and age of political turmoil, it may make you wonder more about our state of affairs.

Their infiltration into the United States of America continues to this day.  Be prepared, hide your weapons, stockpile food, water and essentials. The Deep State goes much deeper than you ever imagined. Your lives and the lives of your children will never be the same.


They killed my sister and incarcerated my parents in a top-secret detention facility, but have no idea where I'm hiding or that I have access to THE LIST.


"Art Imitating Life"


DECEPTIVE DELIVERY is true. It's my story and much of it is based upon classified information, both Russian and American. Yuri Bezmenov made the mistake of discussing the theory of Soviet Ideological Subversion with David Frost in 1986. He then defected to Canada. My story picks up where his left off.


“There’s an old American belief that revenge is a dish best served cold. I would agree with that. In fact, if I were to enact it upon a frog, I’d resist the temptation to toss the critter into a pot of boiling water, for it would assuredly leap to safety, sensing its instant demise. Place that frog in cold water while slowly increasing the temperature to a brisk boil, and it is gradually lulled into submission and certain death. Comrades. Americans are nothing more than frogs. We will defeat America from within. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold. Let the Cold War begin. Launch our soldiers, the Herons”


January 23, 1957. The Kremlin:  Nikita Khrushchev Speaking to his politburo.






October, 1962


What if the Cuban Missile Crisis was all a masterful misdirection — something David Copperfield would have applauded? What if those Soviet ships supposedly carrying nuclear missiles had only hollow tubes meant to look like weapons of mass-destruction, ultimately drawing America’s intelligence and military focus to the coast of Cuba and away from the real target?


On October 12, 1962, during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the real weapons of mass destruction were off-loaded 13 miles off the coast of Montauk, NY. They kept arriving by ship and plane for the next 57 years as part of a long-term battle plan devised by Khrushchev known as D6. It’s goal — to defeat The United States of America from within. Those weapons of mass destruction were carefully packed aboard a Russian cargo ship, the Vslevod, code-named Noah’s Ark. Five-hundred-sixty-three orphaned children, many of them grabbed from their parents serving time in the Soviet Gulags. Adopted by American parents willing to raise the future traitors to the United States of America, they were paid handsomely. Those adopted children were each guided towards a specific career path noted in a legal contract between the parents and the Soviet Union. The children are called Herons, a frog’s worst enemy and are divided into six groups, each with special skills associated with their designated career path.  In 2020, the frog's worst enemy became the Patriot's biggest nightmare.





"We will destroy you from within and your grandchildren will live under communism."

Nikita Khrushchev

How? Ideological subversion

By altering American public opinion towards


1) The U.S. Constitution

2) Capitalism

3) America’s Judeo-Christian heritage


What is D6?


D6 involved 6 critical objectives which were necessary to accomplish the Soviet Union's ultimate goal of destroying the United States of America from within.


• Dumb them down

• Debt (make it unsustainable)

• Divide Americans

• Delete their history

• Disarm them, and finally . . .

• Destroy America


The most critical component was to divide America across racial, ethnic, religious, and economic lines. Once this was accomplished the rest was easy. We would essentially destroy each other.


Divide and conquer. It’s an old but most effective military tactic, one that Philip II of Macedonia, Julius Caesar and Napoleon each exploited to defeat their enemies. Khrushchev was a student of history and used his knowledge of it against America. But D6 also involved detention facilities and it was Roosevelt's detention of Japanese-American citizens during WWII that got Khrushchev thinking. “Once we have successfully divided them, we can get the Americans to detain their own citizens."




Vega 7, Kiowa, Rita Blanca --- These were America's encampments and eventually -- Killing Fields




"America's secret concentration camp."

Who are the Herons?


Herons were the orphans who were to be raised as future day-care workers, teachers, college professors, religious leaders, military officers, media personalities, journalists, Congressional leaders, Justices and mass-murderers. Each was tasked with carrying out their specific orders to alter America’s culture and, their love of country.  On November 2018, one of them became President of the United States.


It began with dumbing-down American citizens through an education system embedded with silent communists and a complicit media, essentially dividing us along racial, ethnic, religious and economic lines. Love of country disappeared while the hatred of others became fashionable.  The country had never been so divided.

EGRETS: 7997

"Teachers: A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

EGRET, 7997


THE EDUCATORS: Perhaps the most useful of the Herons, this group took the old saying, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste,” then bastardized it into something sinister. Teaching our children and young adults that America was not a land of the free nor home of the brave, but instead one where unwelcome colonialism, racism, terrorism, war mongering and capitalistic greed played roles in our position as a global power. From child care all the way through college, the Egrets molded our minds from the parental teachings of patriotism and love of country to pure hatred — hatred towards America and towards each other.


"The Media/Journalists. Goebbels would be proud"



THE MEDIA: Part and parcel to destroying any society is to embed the enemy into one’s press and then ultimately control the media. Germany had Joseph Goebbels the propagandist, we had an entire sector hell-bent on lying through omission or outright fake news stories. The Egrets taught us to be stupid and, once accomplished, the Bitterns regurgitated that stupidity 24/7 through the propagandist media they controlled. Social media, which they also controlled, then shared the propaganda through their accomplices at Facebook. Contrary viewpoints from the Patriots were quickly deleted.

AGAMI: 2050

"The Judiciary & Legislators."

 AGAMI, 2050


JUDICIARY/LEGISLATORS: Once you’ve taken control of the education system and of the media, the next necessary step is infiltrating the courts and legislative branches. This allows for a subtle, stealth transition away from the Constitutional foundation of our nation to one which effectively obliterates the principles of small, limited governance noted in those founding documents. The end game — neutralize the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. The Bitterns and their control of the media will assure the enemy that nothing nefarious ever gets reported. Their first target — Our First and Second Amendments.



"The Enforcers."



THE ENFORCERS, law enforcement, military, Homeland Security. No battle plan would be complete without enough traitors embedded into those institutions meant to protect society from enemies foreign and domestic. While the vast majority of our military and law enforcement were Patriots, enough of them were Herons meant to sow doubt among the ranks and within society. When trust of law enforcement or of your military dissipates, it’s remarkable how disruptive this can be to a peaceful, civil society.

BLUES: 6660

"The Mass Murders."

BLUES, 6660

THE MASS MURDERERS: The most violent of the Herons, they had been predisposed to violence through their genetic lineage. Their sole purpose in the D6 plan was, through their mass murder of hundreds of innocent victims, to alter public opinion against our inalienable right to bear arms — what was known as our Second Amendment. Although a God given or natural right, many incorrectly held to the belief that it was the Second Amendment that guaranteed us our right to bear arms and to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. Eliminating that Amendment allowed them to totally disarm the American society -- and they did. Once that was accomplished, it opened the doors to an even more tyrannical government, one where its citizens would forever be ruled by a lifetime dictator, James Neville.


Each of the horrendous events they carried out came as orders to commit mass murder and then to kill themselves to avoid interrogation that could lead back to the puppet master who gave them their criminal orders. Many of these heinous mass killings were orchestrated events. By who? Someone within the Oval Office?  We don't know for sure but that's what Julian inferred and so far -- he's always been right.



"The Masters."



THE MASTERS: As with all successful military operations, you must have dedicated, well trained foot soldiers, and the officers who lauded over them. The Goliath were the Generals of the D6 operation and had complete control over the other five Heron groups. No one knows who they are, but in 2025, I was so close to finding and executing one. So, close.  But I was also careless, and he became my Waterloo.



It's time to take

our country back


Enter me . . .

Joshua Hunter

"I'm an Assassin"


Who is Joshua Hunter?


My birth name was Aiken McHale, but on August 16, 2020, the government placed me on its A.C.T. list along with millions of other Patriots. American Citizen Threats who had done nothing wrong other than speak freely and hold to our God-given right to defend ourselves against a growing tyranny emanating from Sector 1, what was once Washington, DC. Although your and my rights to speak freely and to defend ourselves predate the establishment of our government, many who cherished our First and Second Amendments surrendered those inalienable rights the moment the infiltrators abolished them. They were the first to be removed, and it was remarkably easy to accomplish that feat.


I now go by the name, Joshua Hunter. Joshua from the bible and Hunter from my lethal career path. I execute people — traitors, to be specific. I’m either headed towards the outskirts of Heaven’s gate or Hell’s flames. It’s up to Him where I end up.


And  . . .

Julian Kilgore, PHD

"History Professor, keeper of The List and -- my partner in crime"

I don't know how Julian came across the list. I knew so little about his past. But, he was my mentor and, to this day, I'm glad that we met under those lethally odd circumstances.


Professor Julian Kilgore held a list containing the names of twenty-six of the original children aboard Noah's Ark -- he considered them to be the most dangerous to the future of America, even though we had already collapsed. Playing an active role in America's downfall put them on that list. Phelps, DeSoto, Vay, Jenkins and Levinson were the first to be executed, and I was their executioner.




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